Best Attractions and Activities to do in Kerala

Best Attractions and Activities to do in Kerala


Kerala is a paradise in southern India or can say one of the top popular destinations for Tourists. Kerala is well liked in the circle of Trekking Lovers, Couples and families because of the atmospheric conditions is suitable for everyone and there are many spots to visit like beaches, tea plantation, Kerala backwaters, forests etc. More than a Scenic view, Kerala is well known in various ayurvedic treatments and diverse art forms. Kerala backwaters: Kerala is been very popular on backwaters. Which is encircle by coconut trees, diverse wildlife and paddy field. The backwaters will make your journey through another world. Get an effective ayurvedic treatment: Ayurveda is India's traditional treatment. Ayurveda has several benefits that will help to improve overall health. According to climate and supply of medicinal plants, Kerala is the most recommended place to get a treatment. Cuisines of Kerala: The cuisine of Kerala is mouthwatering delights. It is a synthesis of both vegetarian food and non-vegetarian food. Kerala cuisine is so special and it will make all foodies in a joyful moment. Tea plantation: In Indian lifestyle without a cup of tea cant thing about the day. In tea production, Kerala is taking as a major role. Munnar, Wayanad, and Vagamon are the 3 major plantations situated in hilly areas of Kerala. This is also considered as the main charm for travelers. Choose Kerala for the perfect destination for relaxing and refreshing. Lumiere Holidays providing best holiday packages at affordable prices.



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