Best time to visit thailand

Best Time to Go to Thailand


Plan Your Itinerary & Be Acquainted With the Best Time to Go to Thailand


Thailand is one of the most in-demand tourist’s destinations for tourists right now.  It is because of its favorable exchange charges, an uncomplicated traveler visa policy, delicious cuisine, and idyllic beaches. Hence the amount of foreign tourists to the nation has been doubled over the past years. Although the Thailand climate may vary throughout the year and the best time to go to Thailand is the month of November and April. It is during the period of cool and dry seasons so most of the travelers prefer this time to visit Thailand.  They can enjoy their vacation time in Thailand with the pleasant and cool seasons. Tourists can spend their journey to Thailand with the effective and the reasonable Thailand tour packages for lounging on a sandy beach on Koh Samui, adoring the mountainous scenic environment in Mae Hong Son, observing elephants in Chiang Mai and much more.


Thailand Weather


Thailand weather


Thailand is considered as the best for humid and tropical for the majority of the nation during most of the year. It has three different periods of the year for weather however in whole it is a tropical weather which can be very humid, specifically in the South. The cool season of Thailand is in the month of November to February and normally considered as the best time to go to Thailand. The Hot season is starting from the early days of March to May which is very hot with highs above 95F and is the perfect period for those who like to visit the beaches of Thailand. The rainy season of Thailand is usually in the month of May to November and may vary generally in the degree of rain. Tourists and backpackers tend to look for the high season as per the weather looks handier and there get a lot of chances to indulge in various activities of different attractive sports in Thailand’s. Those who desire to enjoy a more calm side of Thailand are advised to plan a trip during the low season in which there is no tourist’s crowd.


Essential Things to Carry


Essential things to carry


If you are planning to arrange your trip to Thailand in the hot season then the essential things to carry are suntan lotion, a wide-brimmed hand, flip-flops, sunglasses, loose-fitting clothes etc.  If you are like to travel in the monsoon season of Thailand, the essentials to pack in rainy seasons are non-slip shoes, raincoat, linen pants, a moisture-wicking shirt, an umbrella, Ziploc bags or waterproof bags etc. During the cool season, you need to carry plenty of shorts, tank tops, swimming gear, sandals, etc.


Worst Weather Time


From the seasons, you'll be able to guess that the worst times of the year to go to Thailand: hot and rainy seasons. Throughout the hot season, temperatures are well on top of thirty degrees Celsius with instant-sweat wetness. During the rainy seasons, it's possible to rain for regarding an hour daily with occasional monsoons inflicting hours-long rains. Thus tourists cannot get the chance to freely enjoy the scenic beauty of Thailand and also during monsoon time they can’t be able to indulge in not many activities.  And also there may be the chances of the flood, so in the rainy season, it is not preferred to visiting the Thailand places. Though, this can be added the time of year once airlines and hotels can lure you in with superb discounts and promotional offers. Thus it's up to you to make your mind up if you're willing to grips the extreme, wet heat and rainy days in exchange for these tempting costs.




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