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Dubai Tour Packages from Kerala


Get the best Dubai Tour Packages from Kerala for chilling your family holidays

Are you looking for the perfect destination for both as a tourist paradise and the business hubs? Then look no further, Dubai, the city of dreams is the best choice for you. It will awake you with its amazing attractions and it is the place that will fascinate you with its stunning architectures, luxury shopping, lively nightlife scene, fine dining, delicious foods and much more. Lumiere holidays offers Dubai tour packages from Kerala to enjoy your holidays in the city of wonders. From the unending tranquillity of the desert to the sparkling bustle of the market, Dubai deals a medley of charms for tourists. You can experience the whole thing from sand dunes, lush green parks, the Rocky Mountains to sandy beaches by picking the effective Dubai Tour packages from Kochi. Dubai is the perfect place for a tourist escape having a global lifestyle with the matchless allure and Arabian hospitality.

When is a good time to visit Dubai?

The good time to visit Dubai is during the winter seasons from November to March. At this time the entire weather of Dubai is quite pleasant and is apt for all types of activities. You can witness the whole city with the blue skies and a cool climate. Dubai has only two seasons like hot and hotter. During the month of January, it is the peak seasons for all tourists you can see a lot of crowds, especially it is the time of the Dubai shopping festival. From the months of April to October, the summer seasons begin and the entire Dubai city is really hot and it is not the best time to explore the outdoors. If you are planned to visit Dubai this season, you must have to prepare for high humidity levels and a higher degree of temperature.

Get to know the Places to Visit in Dubai for Family

Dubai is the perfect destination for a family holiday with amazing hospitality, adventures, luxury shopping, amazing architectures and many more. There are numerous best places in Dubai to visit with your family which offers the perfect mix of both the tradition and modernity. Dubai is recognized for its record-breaking architectural feats, plentiful shopping destinations, thrilling theme parks water parks, desert safaris, and exciting adventure sports. All this features together makes Dubai the perfect holiday destination, particularly for families and there is something for each one. There are various sandy beaches to chill with you the full of excitement, stunning water parks, unique aquariums, museums and a lot of many destinations that are equally suitable for family, kids, youngsters, senior citizens, adults etc. Head to the best places in Dubai for making your family holidays into a remarkable one.

Burj Khalifa


Burj Khalifa


It is one of the best attraction and the best landmark of Dubai which is perfect for a family visit. It is the tallest building in the universe and you can spend your quality time with your beloved ones in this amazing city. You can get the breath-taking scenic and top views of this fascinating city, oceans, and deserts from its high-class lounges.

Ski Dubai


Ski Dubai


It is a unique park in Dubai and has -2° C, once you step into this place all other thing seems to be insignificant. It is located at the Emirates malls and is covered with snows and it is all time destination favorite for kids. In this area, children get the chance to enjoy activities like snowboarding, snow events, skiing, snow penguins, tobogganing etc. This place is the perfect spot for all tourists who are looking for activities to go with their adrenaline rush.

Dubai Underwater Zoo and aquarium


Dubai Underwater Zoo and aquarium


It is the region that contains over 140 species like rays, sharks and also contains the huge collection of sand tiger sharks in globally. It is one of the world’s largest suspended aquariums contains 140 wide varieties of aquatic animal species which will definitely act as a visual treat for your eyes. You will get the chance to walk along the dense forest, rocky seashore and the living ocean environs at the Underwater Zoo and you will catch yourself with dangerous Giant Catfish, Piranha, playful Otters and more. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the perfect spot for enjoying your vacation time with your family.