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5 Most Cultural Art and Dance Forms of Kerala


Be immersed in the sound of drums that electrifies the festivals or ardent faces to witness during Kathakali and Nangiar Koothu, Kerala is most vibrant and beloved for its stunning beat mix of old-world Mohiniyattam and Kathakali passion, and the national dance form is certainly no substitute. While you are in a cultural tour in Kerala with Kerala Tour Packages, one must attend the shows related to dance forms like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Chakyar Koothu, Nangiar Koothu, Theyyam, and Ottamthullal. You can explore the stunning blend of dance, drama, mime, and song. The three hundred years old art forms are one of the most exotic of India's performing arts. While you are roaming around Kerala, you can definitely witness martial art dance forms as well like Kalaripayattu, and Velakali. An alluring visual for your sight, movements are complex with a combination of grace with strength and speed with flexibility and dexterity. You can know more about Kerala's traditional art forms in this blog, check out. 



Kathakali, the classical dance form of Kerala, a traditional dance which tells stories from the Indian epics and is a unique blend of dance, music, and acting which depicts these epic art traits. Kerala is known for its vibrant arts and festivals, consist of having everything to entertain people all over the world. Kathakali is the best exposure to visual treat in the arena of arts and festivals. Its an art with mudras, those who are well versed with the meaning of mudras, then you can enjoy Kathakali at its best state.



The famous traditional art form in Kerala is Mohiniyattam stands for "a maiden dancing". It is believed to be a combination of Kathakali and Bharatanatyam involves the use of graceful moments. History noted that the Mohiniyattam originating in the 6th century and regarded as one amongst the eight Indian classical dances by the Sangeet Natak Academy. Mohiniyattam is always performed by a solo woman dance and it's known to have acquired its name from the Vaishnava devotees. Mohiniyattam gives you a visual treat while you are touring with Kerala Tour Packages. This art forms of Kerala reveals something colorful and it has everything that you would prefer from an art form.



Theyyam, one of the popular ritual and art form of north Kerala. Theyyam rituals are very colorful. The majestic experience of the art forms leaves viewers speechless and it has everything to attract everyone. North Malabar region in Kerala is known to witness the best art form Theyyam with best expressions. There, they are promoting certain best rituals and art form of ancient traditions. Theyyam has everything to attract everyone. This incredible art form that is the legendary talk of culture, history, traditions, man, his religions and a lot more. Kerala has a few art forms which are really captivating and are incredible sights.


Chakkiar Koothu

Chakkiar Koothu is believed to have been introduced to Kerala by the early Aryan immigrants, it is a satire form of art and it has everything to entertain everyone. It's a highly orthodox type of entertainment. The satirical story recited in a quasi-dramatic style with an emphasis on eloquent declarations with appropriately suggestive facial expressions and hand gestures. This traditional art forms of Kerala entertains hundreds of foreign visitors every year. Chakkiar Koothu creates a lot of laughter and the subject of this art reveals some contemporary events.


Nangyar Koothu

This traditional art forms of Kerala has an ancestry over 1500 years. Dominated mostly by female and it has everything to entertain the viewers. Nangyar Koothu is a popular art form of Kerala. Generally, this art form was performed by Nangyars, the female members of the Nambiar community and hence this art named as Nangyar Koothu. Nangyar Koothu is evolved from Kutiyattam, and is enriched with satire and humor gives laughter opportunities a lot. It's very enjoyable and it has to play not only in temple venues but to every event.

God's Own Country is known for its love of festivals, music, dance, and drama. Above mentioned art forms that are exclusive to Kerala. All these typical Kerala art forms clearly show an impact on the social and cultural life of the state. Explore these traditional art forms with the right Kerala Tour Packages from the reputed tour operators Lumiere Holidays and witness these vivid cultures of Kerala.










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