Munnar Temparatures Dip Below Zero

Munnar Temparatures Dip Below Zero


Munnar Temparatures Dip Below Zero


Yes, it is true that Munnar the hilly land is always standing as the top mesmerizing tourist’s destination in the world because of its uniqueness. Now there is another fascinating milestone that adds up the beauty of Munnar - as the Munnar temperature dip to zero giving Kerala, the God’s own country in its Own Wintertime Bliss. Usually south Indian’s do not get the opportunity to witness the snowfall in their homeland. Now, this real winter season charming the whole Munnar town and its allures with its unexpected temperature falling. This transformed the green grassland areas of Munnar in to complete white carpet with the thick layers of frost and fog, which makes this spot as a winter paradise. So, it would encourage most of the travellers to head out and to experience this splendid icefall with a zip of hot tea where tea leaves are directly plugged from the fresh tea plantation gardens. Now, this change in the scenery and temperature of Munnar grabbed the attention of various nomads and it became the famous weekend escape for many people living in the urbanized cities for filling their hectic life with the sense of serenity & peace like never experienced before. You can enjoy the lush green delights of Munnar in the midst of thick layers of frost with the best Munnar tour packages.


Get To Know the Climate of Munnar


Munnar Temparatures Dip Below Zero


One of the most visited and ideal tourist destinations in Kerala is Munnar where travellers flock from all the corners of the world. We need to know about the best time to visit Munnar to delight the place in its full glory. Munnar has all year round tour destination, but more crowd is reached at the peak seasons of this place.


·         Munnar in Winter

The best time to visit Munnar is from December to February and it is the time of a pleasant climate. This wintertime is the perfect time for a vacation or honeymoon as the temperature falls down. It is also a good time for adventure enthusiasts who can indulge in activities like trekking, rock climbing, rappelling etc.

·         Munnar in Summer

Usually, March marks the beginning of summer in Munnar and it ends until the end of May. The climate remains pleasant and temperatures range between 19 degree Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius. Summertime is the perfect time in Munnar to relish sightseeing and plantation tour.

·         Munnar in Monsoon

The monsoon season in Munnar is between the months of June to September. Many travellers do not prefer monsoon to visit Munnar as heavy rainfall hampers the soothing sightseeing around the Munnar town.  However, if you are looking for a quiet vacation then it is the best time. You can witness lush green vegetation of Munnar with its own charm during the monsoons. You also get great discounts on hotels tariffs during this time.


Get To Know the Present Climate of Munnar


Now the winter hits Munnar and the temperature going below zero degree Celsius. So, the blankets of frost turn whole grasslands of Munnar into white carpets. Along with the blissful beauty of nature, the waterfalls, tea plantations, landscapes, forests of Munnar, you can truly enjoy the frozen that chills your holiday in most of it in your lifetime. Due to the sub-zero temperature in Munnar, the place attracts more tourists to enjoy this cold climate in its own way. Now the whole Munnar is waking up with the chilly surprise that welcomes a huge number of the crowd into this hilly land, which offers a new life to the destination.




If you want to witness the thick layers of frost, covering grass, mountains, roads and all over the place, Lumiere holidays bid the best Munnar tour packages. We calling tourists from the various nook and corner of the world to witness this rare snowfall experience in this hilly land. We provide Munnar tour packages at its best prices for expecting the huge windfall in tourists for these coming days. Get ready to Chill Your Holidays with the Present Chilling Climate of Munnar!


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