Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka The Pearl of the Indian Ocean


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Sri Lanka,the pearl shaped island is one of the world’s paradise for any wanderers who are seeking for a perfect break time. The country is a blend of exotic beaches on the island and Buddhist culture that make it a dream destination for any travelers. The Island nation featuring mosaic landscapes, picturesque topography, and pristine beaches; are all time crucial healer for those people lush green tea gardens who are looking for a complete relief from their exotic hectic life. The country is simply enriched with its lush green tea plantation, stirring mountains, sandy beaches, and romantic scenery. A voyage to such prominent yet secluded scenic beauty makes it nothing short of providing a wonderful experience to tourists and there is no shortage of inspiring tourist's spots, culture, nature, beauty and history and tranquilizing. There are numerous tour packages for the paradise nation Sri Lanka that are accessible for the tourists from India and these packages let visitors to easily cover the topmost destinations in Sri Lanka.

Get to know About Sri Lanka Tourism

Sri Lanka is an island situated in the south of the Indian Ocean and the Sri Lanka tourism includes a lot of things that a tourist must need to enjoy. It embraces numerous things like tasty foods, scenic trains, diverse culture, ancient architectures, immaculate beaches, and wildlife. It is the destination to get dragged on to the madness of incredible frescoes, ancient rock fortress, and water gardens. Sri Lanka tourism is categorized by its Buddhist temples, stunning beaches and colonial architecture and the popular attractions are Galle, Yala National Park, Kandy, and Colombo. From wildlife reserves to spectacular beaches the places in Sri Lanka draw in a huge figure of tourist to its rocky shores. The nation holds diverse culture, religions, and ethnicities along with its mesmerizing beauty and it has something for everyone who enters in the world of paradise for the wistful experience. The place is also a target for exotic animal lovers along with nature lovers. Sri Lanka is always welcoming holidaymakers with its broad ranges in the serene ambiance and natural wonders which makes it a unique perfect destination in the world history.

Best Time to Visit in Sri Lanka

It is the fact that, you can fully enjoy your trip depending on the best time you choose to visit that place. So when you are planning to a trip to Sri Lanka, it is necessary to know the right time to visit that magnificent place. When you are not going for your holidays at the right time, you cannot make your dream journey to a memorable one. The best time to visit the western and southern coastal islands of Sri Lanka from December to March. On this period, the weather is quiet cooled and friendly and it is the best time to discover each nook and corner of this Island.

Amazing places to Visit in Sri Lanka

There are various beautiful tourist destinations across Sri Lanka where you can get some wow moments and lots of happiness with your friends. Here is a list of some major tourists spots in Sri Lanka that you need to visit while stepping your foot in the Iceland nation of Sri Lanka.

  • Colombo

colombo sri lanka


It’s the capital of Sri Lanka and is always crowded with travelers from various countries.  It is the best place to visit in Sri Lanka with its architectural textures which resemble ancient Dutch heritage in the Dutch colony.  The place is fully concealed with top fascinating buildings, shopping malls where you can stick into the cool feeling of buying cool stuff. The National Museum in the Colombo is one of the ancient heritage things that also portrays the architectural and historical traits of the city. The major attractions of this Colombo contain Premadasa Stadium, Wolvendall Church and giant Buddha Statue.  These unique attractions make the Colombo city unique and get you to discover the rich heritage of this place.

  • Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park


It is one of the world-renowned top national parks for leopard population. Many kinds of vegetation also found in Wilpattu comprising salt grass, satin, Mila, ebony, Palu, and Wilpattu. Almost 31 species of mammals have been recognized wit in this national park. They are elephants, leopard, water buffalo, spotted deer, sloth bear, mouse etc. It is located at Anuradhapura and the best time to visit Wilpattu is during the months of February and October.

  • Dutch Fort

Dutch Fort


The fort is also known as Dutch fort and have a colorful history and now deepened with the multi-religious and multi-ethnic population. It is located at the extreme southwest corner of the island contain exotic sandy beaches and is always be a dream place for honeymoon couples. It is the hub where the number of archaeological, historical, heritage monuments collections is blended. The famous attractions in this tourists spot are Galle clock tower, lighthouse, Old Dutch hospital, national museum etc. You can experience a peaceful day at Galle Old Dutch Fort with its wide varieties of unique diversities.

  • Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage