Top 5 Healthy and Tasty Breakfast in Kerala

Know Authentic and Delicious Breakfast in Kerala


Travel and food must go hand in hand, and there is no other better place like Kerala in the world where the beauty and the delicious local cuisines meet together. So a holiday in Kerala, God’s own country not only rejuvenate you with the fresh natural beauty but also with its delicious tasty local foods. Kerala is famous for its rich natural beauty and obviously its famous dishes. The soil of this place is naturally gifted with an abundance of minerals which in turn help to cultivate quality food materials ranges from the spice, tea, coconuts, and other stuff. You can find the extensive usages of these food materials in the local cuisine. Each meal and especially breakfast in Kerala is a beautiful mixture of diverse flavors which balanced so well.
You may think amazing backwaters, sandy beaches, cruising on houseboats and Kerala Ayurvedic spa is enough for your holidays to make a memorable and great visual treat. But the actual treat of Kerala and its specialty are its tasty local cuisine like Puttu, Appam, Karimmen pollichathu, biriyani, seafood and of course the great Sadya. You have to know the truth that all mallus wake up to have some of the most delightful local breakfast dishes in the state. Now the traditional healthy breakfast in Kerala become the identity of this paradise land. Well then be ready for a pleasure ride down the foodie’s lane of this southern delight.


Start Your Day with Delicious Kerala Breakfast Dishes


If you are bored of eating the same dishes in each day try the local breakfasts from Kerala to stimulate your taste buds. Check out some of the famous breakfast dishes in Kerala.





One of the most delicious and demanding breakfast items in Kerala is Puttu. It is usually eaten with the kadala curry, papadam, and banana. It is made with rice or wheat flour and coconut. The best point of hot puttu is that to serve it with spicy kadala curry which will definitely give some pleasure in the tongue. Apart from usual puttu using rice, wheat or ragi, it can also be layered and prepared with different combinations. Chicken puttu, meat puttu, egg puttu, color puttu, rainbow puttu, chiratta puttu, carrot puttu, maize puttu are some of the innovative categories of puttu. Usually, the mallus finish puttu with the few minutes. Westerns call this puttu as steam cake, this magical item is always becoming the trend and most demanding items for foreigners.


Idli & Dosa



It is said that Idli and dosa are the dishes of the neighboring state of Kerala, Tamilnadu but by times, these become the premier breakfast dishes in Kerala. Idli is known as the healthiest breakfast since it includes ground lentils and rice fermented for a whole night. It is made by doing steaming with the special steamers. Dosa is made from the same batter of idli but the difference is that the batter is spread as thinner in the dosa pan and roasted by using the few drops of ghee and oil. Both these dosa and idli are going on with coconut chutney and the traditional sambar of Kerala.





Appam is well known with its different names such as Palappam, Kallappam, Velayappam, and so on, though most of the Keralites recognize themselves with Kallappam since kallu is a Malayalam word which means toddy because it is used for the making of appam for fermentation. This delicacy is prepared from a thin batter of rice and coconut and also then added yeast and sugar a few hours before cooking. Appam is usually prepared in a mould called appa chatty in which the batter is spread thin by rolling it. Then slowly the center of the appam will be thick and soft with a slight brown color. This appam is usually going on with the stew of potato, chicken, duck or mutton.





Idiyappam is a famous string hopper cooking specialty from the south Indian food especially in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and certain coastal regions of Karnataka. It is also called as noolappam or noolputtu which means strings, but normally called as Idiyappam. It is made of rice or wheat flour, salt and water. It is usually served as the main item for breakfast or dinner. It can be called ready to eat rice noodles and can be prepared in a few minutes. The best combo of Idiyappam is with stew curry or chicken curry which is amazing to taste.





Vattayappam is a healthy and tasty traditional breakfast dish or sweet snack from God's own county Kerala. It is a vital part of Christian festivals of Kerala like Christmas and Easter. It is a steamed rice sponge cake and made with rice flour, coconut, sugar, ghee, cardamom, yeast, raisins, and cashew nuts.




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